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Affiliate Program

Discover our new Affiliate Program, which allows you to WIN AWARDS when you write an ad in an industry magazine on the web or paper, on an industry blog, an article in your blog or You put one of our products on your website.

The different marketing supports accept

“By advertisement, advertisement, article or products”
  • Web portal specialized in industry = 400 COIn
  • Paper magazine specialized in industry = 300 COIn
  • Web portal and paper magazine other than industry = 250 COIn
  • Pub on social networks = 250 COIn
  • Blog specializing in industry = 130 COIn
  • Article on your blog = 30 COIn
  • Products on your website = 10 COIn

Rewards with COIn

Our wines : Choose Red wines or White Wines
  • 250 COIn = Bottle up to 10 €
  • 550 COIn = Bottle up to 23 €
  • 1100 COIn = Bottle up to 50 €
  • 1600 COIn = Bottle up to 130 €
  • 3000 COIn = Bottle up to 300 €

We buy our wines directly from the producers, it is for those who does not have a list of our wines. All our bottles come from the Bordeaux castles and its going round. All our wines are superior wines or grand cru of the Bordeaux region. We select you the best years and the best castle of the Bordeaux region for your pleasure

The obligations :


  • Ad texts must be written by yourself, a copied-paste can not be accepted. The text must contain at least 300 words
  • The name of the company and the products must appear at least 1 time
  • A link to our website should be put in advertising
  • Insert logo COMITRONIC-BTI :



Receive COIN :  


You will need to send proof of publication to this address: After validation by our services, you will receive an e-mail to inform you of the acceptance or the refusal.


Reasons for refusal :
  • No respect the obligations
  • Just our name or logo on your site with one refers to our website is not enough to be part of the affiliate program
  • The broken links Error 404
  • A length of less than 300 words
  • Bad pictures