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Become a comitronic-bti reseller

To become a comitronic-bti reseller you have to be passionate about customer experience and expertise.

The industry market is important and many companies have issues specific to their business.

At comitronic-bti, we understood that by creating quality products and adapting our offerings to the needs, we are making the future of our industry a reality for our customers.

For comitronic-bti reseller packs, please contact us at this email address :

  1. You search for markets where you already have markets.
  2. You sell our products
  3. You cash your customers (Depending on the conditions you want)
  4. You order the products from us
  5. We deliver your end customers directly in white markings with different types of sending (Standard or Express)
  6. No minimum purchase quantity
  7. ** Significant margins: Allowing you to develop your business (price discounts)
  8. We provide you all the marketing material that you need in your image
  9. You are accompanied by experts in their sector
  10. * We provide you a customer management software, quote and invoice and those the: Free (Through our partnerships)
  11. * They miss you customers, we can give you a base of prospections on your zone.





* In options on request under conditions – ** Discount on prices (may vary depending on the volume of purchase per customer)