Polyvalent coded contactless safety switch
Monitors guard doors opering on dangerous machines
Stand alone sensor : no need to use a safety relais to reach PLd/ SIL2
The safety switch that achieves PLd SIL2 without a safety relay thanks to
integrated self-monitoring
The versatile safety switch for more safety, potential-free dry contact out-
puts 2A/48V
Can be decoded through a steel plate up to 6mm thick
the sensor can be protected (embedded in the machine structure)
Very low hysteresis
2 million operations at full load 2A guarantee
Over 1 million safety switch produced to date :
Serie installation possible without PL regression
Double mounting bracket to ease installation
Diagnosis via LED and auxiliary line depending on the status of the two contacts
PA6 or stainless steel housing
PA6 : IP68 / SS316L stainless steel : IP69K
3/6/12 meter cable connection & MKT (Pigtail connection)
Security level
(according to ISO 13849-1)
Cat 3 PL=d without Safety Relay (up to PLe, Cat 4
with Safety Relay)
Supply voltage 12VDC or 24VAC/DC
Safety contact 2 contacts NO 2A/48V redundant
Auxiliary contact No auxiliary output
Operating temperature -25°C to +60°C
Detection distance Sao = 10 mm (assured activation distance)
Sar = 15 mm (assured breaking distance)
Material / IP PA6 : IP68 /SS316L : IP69K
Connection PUR cable
LED White = door closed
Spanner, tam-
per-proof stain-
less steel screws
& washers