Coded contactless safety sensor
manufactured in SS316L housing
Monitors guard doors openings on dangerous machines
Ideal solution for harsh environment
ACOTOM process uses an electronic decoding system of 2 independent
channels => which offers an anti tamper-solution - insensitive to magnetic
Safety sensor with 2*NO+1*NC
100% electronic contacts using Hall effect = > long life expectancy : no
mechanical use
resistant to harsh environment - 40°+125°C
Reliable LED information + auxiliary line which retrieve the exact decoding
status no matter the number en serie
Reach up to PLe when wired to our AWAX safety relay or safety PLC
Rated IP69K
Good detection distance =10 mm with low hysteresis (2mm)
Stainless steel screws & washers supplied
Laser engraving for traceability by mechanical punching
Ideal solution for serie installation
Security level
(according to ISO 13849-1)
Up to PLe, SIL3 with Safety Relay
Supply voltage 20 VDC to 30 VDC / 50mA
Safety contact with AWAX on T11/T21
Auxiliary contact PNP NC 250 mA
Operating temperature -40 °C / +125 °C
Detection distance Sao = 9 mm (assured activation distance)
Sar = 14.8 mm (assured breaking distance)
Material / IP IP69K
Connection PUR cable
LED White = door closed
Spanner, tam-
per-proof stain-
less steel screws
& washers